Know about personalized number plates

Every year, the DVLA (Driver-and-Vehicle Licensing Agency) has over 45 million private registration number plates accessible to purchase. The DVLA is present in this industry of private number plate selling since 1989 and after nearly thirty years in industry, it guesses it’s raised over £2billion in personalized number plate sales. As you can notice, they are very famous in the UK; however, based on the level of customization you want, they can charge money. But, it actually based on the type of number plate you desire.


Common types of Private Number Plates

In general, there are 4 simple styles of private number plate in the UK and they are explained below-

1. Current style

This particular type of private number plate has been present since 2001 and it includes 7 characters, starting with 2 letters, 2 digits, and ending with 3 random characters. The number usually shows the age of the vehicle. You can purchase private number plate of this style however, they are frequently hard to find as their versions are rather delicate. AB02 ACC is a perfect example of a private current style number plate accessible to purchase online.

2. Suffix style

These styles of private plates were used in the United Kingdom between 1963 and 1983. Suffix style number plates have the age indicator in the end of the number plate. They usually begin with the character ‘A’, hence if you witness a private number plate which was ‘ABC 123A’, then probably it would have been issued in 1963 whereas the plate ‘ABC123B’ would have been issued back in 1964.

3. Prefix style

These styles of registration number plates were allocated in the United Kingdom between the years 1983 and 2001. They are known as prefix style number plates as it’s the initial letter that shows the age of the vehicle.  For instance, a Prefix number plate that starts with an ‘F’ was first bought in August 1988.

4. Dateless style

This style of number plate was issued in the UK before 1963. There is nothing in this style of number plate that shows the age of the vehicle.

What makes a private number plate costly?

As with any other item, the demand and supply make personal number plates costly. If you choose a current style registration number plate with the 3 characters at the end distinctive to you, your initial characters for instance, it’s not likely to cost too much as there is not likely to be a huge demand. Also, there are chances to be numerous options if you are not bothered about the other letters on your number plate. Also, they are more expected to be sold on the official website of the DVLA registration with a set price, thus there is no war of bidding going on for increasing the costs. The fewer and rarer letters in the number plate you want, the more you are possibly going to pay as there’s expected to be more requirements for such standout and exceptional number plate.